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Hike Each Section of the Bruce Trail

Your Tour Helps Conserve the Trail!

From hiking, to glamping, to unique culinary experiences, The Bruce Tour offers an adventure like no other. Our tours make hiking Southern Ontario’s Bruce Trail convenient and fun!

We’ve thoughtfully curated accommodations, rental equipment, cuisine and activities, so you can simply hike and dine. We want to share the beauty of Canada’s oldest marked trail by offering scheduled hikes through each of the 9 trail sections. We also love giving back, that’s why a portion of each tour purchase will be donated to The Bruce Trail Conservancy.

Hikers looking out over Ontario woods
View of waterfall in Ontario

Why Hike With The Bruce Tour?

Hiking, Glamping, Unique Culinary Experiences
End-To-End Hikes Of Each Section
Help Conserve the Bruce Trail

Who is The Bruce Tour?

Conserving While We Trek

The Bruce Trail is Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath, extending from Queenston to Tobermory. The trail follows the Niagara Escarpment: a UNESCO(opens in a new tab) World Biosphere Reserve, making it a “learning place for sustainable development.” The trail’s name comes from the Bruce Peninsula, located on the northernmost section. Colin and Ben created The Bruce Tour after experiencing difficulties when organizing an end-to-end hike of the Niagara section. Now we want to share our expertise with fellow hikers. Come hike and dine with us!

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Every step you take on The Bruce Tour makes a positive impact! 🌲 Your adventure with The Bruce Tour not only creates memories but also supports its conservation. A portion of your tour fee goes directly towards the Bruce Trail Conservancy, ensuring the trails are protected and cared for.
Join us in making a difference, one hike at a time! 🥾

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Heres to another month of great hikes, amazing views and even better food! 🏕🥾

Thank you to all who joined us on the trails this July, and we’re excited to host all of the trailblazers who will be hiking with us the rest of this season!

There’s still lots more summer left to hit the trails with us! Visit our website to book your tour.

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Take a peek inside our private and fully equipped bell tents, part of our overnight glamping experience!

Experience Southern Ontario in style with comfy beds, soft linens, and stylish decor to make you feel right at home ⛺

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